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Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms32 minutes ago
This is a light gate for measuring your lap times to the millisecond. I will add this model and the code to the VR drift car model as a free upgrade.
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms1 day ago
Working on building instructions for the #robotinventor #pov clock. Cable management. Using Persistence of Vision, this #LEGO #MINDSTORMS model can display a clock seemingly in mid-air!
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms2 days ago
Build Tars, the robot from Interstellar with just one kit of MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 51515. This download includes pdf building instructions, python code, and world block code for this semi-dynamic LEGO MINDSTORMS walker. Tars walks by lifting his shoulders and swinging his arms. The movement is rather tricky because MINDSTORMS Tars tends to fall over with the slightest movement mistake....