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Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms3 hours ago
I took the time to convert my 360 Monkey Swing Python code for use in the SPIKE Prime app. You can now run it from a convenient yellow button. Building instructions and code download here:

It turns out my original hacked VS Code Python file works just as well from the SPIKE Prime app. But this now code is conforming to the SPIKE API. Apart from the hack to access gyro rate.
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms3 weeks ago
FREE Building Instructions for this Remote Control Steering Wheel with SPIKE Prime
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms4 weeks ago
New on youtube: Watch David Gildays primecuber in action!
Antons Mindstorms
Primecuber - The LEGO SPIKE Prime Rubik's cube solver
This is an amazing robot by David Gilday! Link to code and building instructions below. Please like and ask any questions you have in the comments! Get the T...