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Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms20 hours ago
The stuff you find during a walk in the woods is a lot like LEGO - you can build anything with it.
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms2 days ago
Working together with my #robotmak3r compadres to build #LEGO #Robotinventor Tricky!
Antons Mindstorms
LEGO MINDSTORMS: Pass the Build - Tricky (Robot Inventor 51515)
Several RobotMak3rs from around the world take it in turns to pass the build of Tricky from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS 51515 Robot Inventor kit, released on 15th O...
Antons Mindstorms
Antons Mindstorms3 days ago
At lunch I decided I wanted a Hot Rod with a #LEGOTechnic differential gear. An hour later I had this car designed and built! That's how fast the #LEGOmindstorms #RobotInventor set is.

I'm controlling this car with my smartphone over Bluetooth. It works, but is very laggy and unreliable. I hope @LEGO fixes that soon.
Antons Mindstorms