31313 EV3 Vertical Plotter Building instructions



Building instructions for making an ev3 vertical plotter with a single retail kit of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3! The plotter is hung by two dental floss threads to a wall or door. This vertical plotter MOC is built with only a single LEGO 31313 kit. The model is the result of multiple years of trial and error.

Other than a base LEGO MINDSTORMS kit, you need some household materials. The model is built to fit exactly a Sharpie pen. Different pens might not fit or be too loose. Next, you need some dental floss. Preferably cheap unwaxed floss. For paper, I bought a 50cm wide roll. Individual sheets are possible too, but they are way more expensive and harder to store. I also bought some ECO-friendly masking tape to fix the paper to the door – which of course you also need.

Here is a video about adding the threads to the robot:

I have an article with some simple Python code to generate coordinates for this robot.

This download includes code for the old LEGO MINDSTORMS software. I haven’t found the time to convert it to a newer style for coding. You can do it yourself using the explanation of the coordinate calculations.


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