Distance Sensor Breakout board for SPIKE Prime and Robot Inventor


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Connect all your third-party electronics to your LEGO Intelligent hubs with this easy breakout board for your Distance Sensor. You can use the original screws to attach them. When you open the SPIKE Prime Ultrasonic sensor, you will see 8 pinholes that expose the six leads in the LEGO wire. Two of the pins are not connected. Of course, it all works on both LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor and LEGO SPIKE Prime.

With this breakout board, you can connect normal jumper wires and link them to a breadboard. You can also solder your own connections. It bridges the gap between the 0.05-inch pitch holes in the distance sensor and ordinary 0.1-inch pitch headers.

And there’s even better news: the headers on the Distance Sensor Breakout board are spaced so you can fit them on a Wifi ESP breakout board! Now you can connect your hubs to wifi with without cutting cables!

The package includes:

  • PCB
  • 3x 90 degree headers
  • 1x regular header
  • 1x 8 pin 0.05 pitch header
  • The distance sensor itself is NOT included

I ship the package as separate parts to protect the fragile headers in transport. A little soldering will be necessary!

The SPIKE Prime and Robot Inventor hubs feature these pins:

  • 3v3 power supply
  • logic ground
  • uart rx / gpio pin
  • uart tx / gpio pin
  • 0 to +9v Motor lead
  • 0 to -9V Motor lead.

On Github, I have a full library of code and projects to connect to uart devices and even emulate LEGO devices so you can use them with word blocks!


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Distance sensor breakout
Distance Sensor Breakout board for SPIKE Prime and Robot Inventor