Ladybug SPIKE Prime 1-kit



You can build this six-legged insect with just a single set of LEGO SPIKE Prime. It is fun to program because it challenges you to think about the exact order for moving each of the six legs. I have included a SPIKE Program in case you just want to build and run it.

These SPIKE Prime Ladybug building instructions come as a high-res pdf file you can easily download and use on your iPad. I regularly make updates to my building instructions, to make them easier or to correct mistakes. You will get an update if that’s the case.

The model started out as a SPIKE Prime spider – an octopod – but I only had enough beams to build six legs. That’s why I turned the MINDSTORMS Spiders into a bug. It is a six-legged walker, so you could call it a hexapod. With the white dots on the matrix of the SPIKE Prime hub, I thought it looked like a Ladybug.



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