Rubber band cannon omnibot Building Instructions – PDF



Strafe, aim and drive in every direction with this gun platform for a double-barrel rubber band cannon. Rain down terror on your housemates in Video conferences. To build this, you need three LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 medium motors and a Large Motor. You need a bunch of Technic parts too, but they are pretty common. Here the full part lists:

I programmed this robot in Python, but it can also be programmed in EV3-G.

The download includes:

  • PDF building instruction with aftermarket holonomic wheels
  • PDF building instruction with pure LEGO wheels
  • Python code for a PS3 gamepad. With minor changes, a PS4 gamepad works too!

Here’s a live stream where I explain how to program this robot to use a PS3 or PS4 gamepad as a remote control device.



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