WiFi i2c board for SPIKE and Robot Inventor Uart BUNDLE


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This board is the ultimate third-party device driver for your LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, Robot Inventor, and SPIKE Prime models. It features an esp8266 which runs a separate MicroPython. It communicates over UART (Serial Rx/Tx) with your LEGO Device. Now you have access to the full power of all available i2c devices. The board has exactly the shape of a 5×7 frame to make it easy to mount on your LEGO Robots.

This Wifi SPIKE board makes these connections possible

  • SPIKE/Robot Inventor to 3v3 i2c. This supports a wide range of devices you can directly plugin.
  • SPIKE/Robot Inventor to the internet with WiFi
  • WebREPL to easily update the code on this board and make the bridge to i2c
  • Connect WS2812 NeoPixel RGB LEDs to your SPIKE Prime/Robot Inventor model
  • You can flash it from your EV3 with a new MicroPython using esptool.py. But that shouldn’t be necessary for normal operation.

Includes all possibilities from the LMS Uart breakout board

To make the deal sweeter, this product includes a complete LMS Uart breakout board. You can use that board to make these connections:

  • SPIKE/RI to SPIKE/RI UART connection
  • SPIKE/RI to EV3 UART connection
  • SPIKE/RI to OpenMV UART connection
  • EV3 to OpenMV UART connection
  • OpenMV i2c on pins 7 & 8 to grove or 0.1″ headers

In the SPIKE Wifi Board Bundle you will find:

  • A mounted and soldered board with the ESP8622 flashed with MicroPython.
  • 2×8 pin female headers, 0.1-inch pitch,
  • 2x 90-degree grove ports
  • a grove jumper wire
  • An LMS UART breakout board PCB
  • 2×8 pin female long needle headers, 0.1-inch pitch
  • a grove port
  • 2x 6 pin ports
  • 2x 6 pin plugs which you can use with a spare Wedo 2.0 or LEGO Power Functions 2.0 wire.

The 6 pin plug shrinks perfectly on a repurposed Wedo or Power Functions 2.0 wire, no tools needed! I ordered the wires online from China.


LMS-uart-convertor pinout



The Grove ports are not soldered, so you can decide if you want it or if you rather prefer 0.1-inch pitch header pins.

Warning: there’s no warranty for this product!


We have been very careful designing this breakout board, to make it near impossible to create connections that damage your LEGO. Nonetheless, incorrect usage of this board could damage your LEGO in such a way that your LEGO warranty is void. This is a hacker’s tool. We do not guarantee the safety of your LEGO hubs or any electronic devices you connect with this breakout board. Do not use voltages higher than 9v, for your safety and the safety of your electronics. Making the right connections is your responsibility. This product is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a purpose, or the warranty of non-infringement. Buying this product means you agree with this disclaimer.

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WiFi i2c board for SPIKE and Robot Inventor Uart BUNDLE